Pallethouse “A History of Pallets”
Originating from Upper Austria, a peaceful country of lakes and mountains, they have travelled the globe as far as the Venice Lagoon and the shanty towns of Southafrica. We call them the “lads”, touched by their audacity, perseverance and willpower! And we have no doubt that one day they will call their office “Pallet House”.

In May 2012, in their office in the Technical University in Vienna, Assistant Professors Gregor Pils and Andreas Claus Schnetzer were designing the passive house of the future for the Solar Decathlon due to take place in California in 2013. One can see it already: minimalist, economic and, above all, fitted out with recycled pallet furniture or, perhaps, a back-lit pallet façade.

Thanks to the inventiveness of these two architect-engineers, the Austrian university has featured prominently in significant international competitions - while they themselves have toured the world with their simple and pragmatic project: here in South Africa for the building of a school extension and tomorrow in the Solar Decathlon in California.